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An alluring back(drop) for Gucci.

And once again it’s ‘Curtain up for #GucciEyewear’. This time, however, our client did not take us to the Moulin Rouge, but to the equally prestigious KaDeWe (transl. Department Store of the West) in Berlin.

When we received the request from Kering Eyewear in Milan to take over production and installation of the Gucci Hollywood Forever campaign for one of Berlin’s most coveted advertising spaces, we were, as so often, right there with a ‘ya-ya’. Even though the timing was laced up rather tight with 5 weeks from the request.

Artful staging, sophisticated materials, tantalising shapes and tight timings are precisely the temptations we just can’t say no to. We were not allowed to use black satin sheets, but the metallic materials and lacquers we used were just as noble and shimmered seductively at the onlookers.

We gladly accepted the challenge of staging four rather small products on a stage of about 6 × 10 m and presented the ingenious sunglasses in an attention-grabbing special construction that attracted attention with silky shiny material, cleverly placed details and light accents.

The LED wall, almost adorable at just under 3.5 × 8 m, was partially covered with a custom-made piece in accordance with the design specifications of the campaign. Set in scene by a luminous contour, the cut-out nevertheless allowed intimate insights into the campaign motifs and videos, which were specially cut to fit this area. In order to cope with the inevitable rising heat and to prevent embarrassing deformations (for us), we relied on aluminium for the construction of the back wall, which, thanks to a special high-gloss coating, achieved the acrylic glass look originally desired.

In the end we can say: customer, client and also we are still completely fascinated by the visit to Berlin’s most renowned department store. Thank you KaDeWe, we will gladly come again!

We are already looking forward to the next time when we are allowed to raise the curtain again for Gucci, Chloé, Balenciaga, Cartier, Saint Laurent, Montblanc or other top brands from Kering Eyewear.

Every. has a pop-up store for two months in the Foodfactory in Berlin. They need an elegant solution for this, but one that is easy to remove or reuse.

We should pick out ideas on how to design the menu board on the wall and the three panels on the counter front. The menus on the board should be interchangeable. Timing of the concept including production and delivery was only two weeks. After several proposals, we decided on a printed Aludibond panel measuring 300 × 120 cm for the menu board. Each menu was printed on white Easy Dot foil, which is easy to apply and remove. Since the menu board could not be screwed to the wall, we had to find a solution for fastening it with hooks to the black metal bar.

The three motifs in front of the counter are also printed on Easy Dot foil and were stuck directly onto the black boards.

In addition to this work, a board for the opening ceremony and stickers also came from us; however, we did not take care of the roll-up to the left of the counter and the poster on the wall.

The client was satisfied: ‘Everything arrived perfectly, we set the menu board correctly and this is the amazing result!!’

BRAINARTIST, Berlin and the Galeries Lafayette.

Looking at the shop windows of the Berlin branch of the most famous French high-end shopping temple has always been a bit like a … ‘gallery visit’. But we didn’t come to look but to beautify. After all, we owed it to our client Chloé to stage the spring/summer 2021 eyewear collection on the surface and on the façade.

Real Chloé girls fall for the AIDA principle — Attention, Interest, Desire and Action — a little faster and can — in real life — finally enjoy what we have all missed for so long: the art of shopping

The countless trends that come and go are what make life interesting. It wasn’t so long ago that it was considered chic to smoke in restaurants, wear fur coats, buy disposable bottles, or use plastic bags instead of cotton bags. In retail marketing and PoS design, it was no different for a long time: trendy displays made of plastics that could not be recycled, snazzy decorative elements made of problematically produced composite materials or shiny promotional racks made of Plexiglas that didn’t shine much when it came to environmentally friendly disposal.

We at BRAINARTIST are proud to simply ignore some trends and rely on proven classics such as wood, glass, metal, water-based paints or on basic materials with a high recycled content for shopfitting, PoS design and display design. In the same way, we pay attention to logistics partners for our campaign rollouts who are ‘on the road’ (pun intended) in a climate-neutral way during assembly and transport. And if at some point everyone thinks ahead a bit, we’ll eventually no longer have to think about our one and only environment. Chic, isn’t it?

‘Top of the week’ at the trade press — our campaign for STEITZ SECURA

How do you actually manage to attract the attention of very, very busy people? The easiest way would be to camp in front of their workplaces, hold up self-painted signs saying ‘I want to be a customer of yours.’ or follow them stubbornly wherever they go — after all, with Uschi Obermaier and Mick Jagger this was successful.

However, since we didn’t want to stalk rock stars for our customer STEITZ SECURA, but to sell the best safety shoes available to safety engineers, company doctors and purchasing managers, we had to proceed a little more professionally — because this target group IS as hard to reach as rock stars.

Stage 1: we put up posters for our — self-painted — campaign (and didn’t camp) directly in front of the headquarters of potential new customers. The individual 18/1 format address was followed by a half shoe box via courier service, which asked to match ‘the perfect pair’ — with the missing shoe and an appointment to get to know STEITZ SECURA and the — hopefully — new customer.

Somehow we were not really surprised by the great response and the business appointments made afterwards — some of which seemed impossible — … a little Uschi Obermaier just helps with real rock stars from industry and trade.

Omni visionary with BRAINARTIST on the way …

On days like these, where shop managers are desperately looking for customers, we planned to finally tell something that was probably unknown to many retailers: namely how much potential lies in the mysterious term ‘omnichannel marketing’! But we understood — such scientific sounding words as ‘NFC’, ‘augmented reality’, ‘digital signage’ and ‘mobile payment’ are hard to understand when used to describe ‘chop-chop — paid’, ‘greatest product show on earth’, ‘total overview’, or ‘bye-bye, cash’.

In order to make these very simple contents tangible — so that nobody else but we had to ‘think ahead’ — we drove across Germany with our 10-ton mobile demo shop to tell big brand manufacturers and shop operators about it live. So it wasn’t the mountain that came to the prophet, but BRAINARTIST to the PoS.

And because we are convinced that buying in retail can be as much fun as watching a movie in the cinema and that real shop windows can be more exciting than virtual e-shops, we will continue to set out again and again in the future — to keep retail, for which BRAINARTIST always does everything for love, on the move.

The German Brand Award 2020 is ours!

When in 2018 one of the most famous German brands placed a small, rather unlikely prize-winning job with us, we couldn’t stop thinking about it: we suddenly thought of interactive packaging design, new visual worlds, the redesign of all communication media, a completely redesigned (and patented) PoS shelf system and finally (because we like to think ahead where others like to stop) a guide for CRM and a whole new corporate wording.

Phew … of course we had to share these thoughts with HAILO. The holistic approach was obviously so convincing that what began with a sales folder led directly to a kick-off meeting for one of our biggest and most beautiful projects: the strategic brand relaunch of HAILO (and the beginning of a wonderful friendship). In the category ‘Brand Strategy/Brand Identity’ we received the award from the German Design Council. We bow down.

(hey, hey, hey)

‘Lady Marmalade’ could not have put it better: which is how we celebrate our brand-new Gucci campaign at STEFFL in Vienna. After the re-opening, of course, all ‘badass chicks’ (not only those from the ‘Moulin Rouge’) and all ‘independent women’ were pretty hot for the new sunglasses collection. So we simply had to help our ‘soul sistas’ in Austria!

But we didn’t want to let our offer go as far as the famous chorus described it so unmistakably at that time. We rather left — respectfully — the one really important question in the beautiful (sales) room, which was designed by BRAINARTIST in record time:
‘Voulez-vous des lunettes de soleil géniales de Gucci?’ (Ooh …?)

P.S.: The earwig is for free …