Ralf Kauffmann


Founder and convincingly convinced Westerwälder. Telephone customer of the month in all networks. Holds the daily mileage high score.


Alexander Christian Matecka

Webentwickler und Lektor

Produces websites; checks texts. Can be heard as a voice actor, can be experienced in the café. Practises badminton for young people; a vegetarian who is popular with animals of all kinds.


Egbert Thomer

Creative Director

Private scholar, Photoshop 1-man army. Considers Sweden his true home. Likes to drive his vintage car to feel younger from time to time.

Francesca Scirto

Junior Art Director

Provides a breath of fresh air with a touch of Italy and runs with an economical consumption of 1 litre of coffee/hour. Likes to walk her dog – he doesn’t.


Gabriela Klencsar

Leitung der Finanzen und Administration

Accountant, managing director and multicultural Hungarian. A fan of opera and Italy, but finds no more beautiful place in the world than her garden.


Martin Stüwe


Production engineer and expert in combating chaos. Each project gets off the tilted position, but lives on a hillside plot itself.


Sebastian Christ

M.A. Sales and Marketing

Passionate project manager, graphic designer, copywriter and Breton with a nose for special perspectives. Likes a lot of wind around him, but prefers it to be by the sea or on his Vespa.


Sven Hoppe

Senior Art Director

Old graphic hand in his younger years. Likes straightforward design, but otherwise prefers to go off the beaten track. Likes to shout on stage because he is otherwise quite quiet.


Thomas Werle


Vector visionary and road bike worshipper. Relaxes at Rheingau mountain stages and PC modding. Lovingly calls his workplace ‘Office Home’.


Volker Ostermann


Marketing captain, sales skipper and occasional saxophonist. Actually he likes to stand on skis or on boat planks in the Mediterranean Sea. He prefers wind to silence.


Xenia Seiler

Key Account Director

Sun-worshipping half-Hellenic with sales in her blood and salsa in her hips. Preferring to shape the future rather than manage it, she uses her expertise in a captivating way – even in the lecture theatre.


Hubert Baumgartner

Geschäftsführer – Schweiz

Consulting size, economic connoisseur, early sportsman. Our man on Lake Zurich. Likes to walk into the office—also because there is no bus at this time.