Dekoratives Bild mit dem Hessischen Landeswappen, dem Schriftzug „Die besten Dorfgasthäuser in Hessen“ und einer Zeichnung eines Fachwerkhauses und Bierglases.Dekoratives Bild mit dem Hessischen Landeswappen, dem Schriftzug „Die besten Dorfgasthäuser in Hessen“ und einer Zeichnung eines Fachwerkhauses und Bierglases.
BRAINARTIST: Horizontaler Banner mit Motiven und Eckdaten des SCHÖN HIER FESTIVALs 2022 in Eltville am RheinBRAINARTIST: Horizontaler Banner mit Motiven und Eckdaten des SCHÖN HIER FESTIVALs 2022 in Eltville am Rhein
BRAINARTIST: Sliderbild unseres Blogartikels über den Erhalt des „Architecture & Design“-Award 2022 für unsere ShoeBoxBRAINARTIST: Sliderbild unseres Blogartikels über den Erhalt des „Architecture & Design“-Award 2022 für unsere ShoeBox
BRAINARTIST: Thumbnail unseres Blogartikels über den Erhalt des German Brand Awards 2022


Every. has a pop-up store for two months in the Foodfactory in Berlin. They need an elegant solution for this, but one that is easy to remove or reuse.

We should pick out ideas on how to design the menu board on the wall and the three panels on the counter front. The menus on the board should be interchangeable. Timing of the concept including production and delivery was only two weeks. After several proposals, we decided on a printed Aludibond panel measuring 300 × 120 cm for the menu board. Each menu was printed on white Easy Dot foil, which is easy to apply and remove. Since the menu board could not be screwed to the wall, we had to find a solution for fastening it with hooks to the black metal bar.

The three motifs in front of the counter are also printed on Easy Dot foil and were stuck directly onto the black boards.

In addition to this work, a board for the opening ceremony and stickers also came from us; however, we did not take care of the roll-up to the left of the counter and the poster on the wall.

The client was satisfied: ‘Everything arrived perfectly, we set the menu board correctly and this is the amazing result!!’

Well equipped for the ‘war of talents’.

Here it is, our next award. But this time, for once, it’s all by and for us, and above all because of us. We are and have always been future-oriented. That’s what our logo stands for: always keeping an eye on the horizon to identify new trends, sustainable production techniques and innovative advertising channels at an early stage.

As of today, we can also officially call ourselves ‘Employers of the Future’. Awarded by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation and the German Entrepreneur Platform and under the patronage of Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister of Economics—a short fanfare at this point—we are proud that our efforts for more digitalisation, innovation and sustainability have also been noticed in our agency and found worthy of being honoured.

So we continue to look to the future and know that we are well positioned for it. Let’s go for new goals!

The competition for the best village inns in Hesse.

We are proud to count the DEHOGA Hessen among our clients for several years now. This year, however, they had prepared a very special ‘Guudsje’ (Hess.: goodie) for us with the election of the ‘best village inns in Hesse’. The implementation from conception to design to realization was a real delicacy for us.

The competition, in which guesthouses, country inns and inns in rural areas of Hesse are allowed to participate, honours enterprises that, in addition to all the unique qualities that make up good gastronomy, also take on an important social function in their environment. They symbolise social togetherness, conviviality, club life and the liveliness of the local community and are regarded as places that hold villages, small towns and communities together and make them a piece of home worth living in for everyone.

In order to tame and structure the incoming flood of applications, which had been estimated by the past competition, the #dehogahessen turned to us with confidence. Starting with only a questionnaire in Word format and the brochure of the last competition as a design template, we set to work and developed an application platform that offered participants the opportunity to submit their application including photos, videos, proofs and certificates in all file formats online—instead of by postal mail. Structuring the application catalogue with the help of filter questions made it easier for the participants to fill in the various questions about their company, missing information and documents were immediately visible and did not have to be requested and sent again. The integrated evaluation system saved our client hours of tedious manual evaluation and stacks of folders and immediately sorted out insufficient and incomplete submissions. In further steps, it enabled each member of the jury to evaluate only the most promising submissions directly in the system, independent of location and time, and to award the winners.

Of course, we also put the winners in the spotlight. In a ‘typisch hessisch’ style (transl.: ‘typical Hessian’—Hesse brand family guidelines for the tourism industry), we conceived and designed a digital guide ( in which the winners are presented and, thanks to an interactive map including a route planner, are much easier for interested guests to find than in the printed brochure.

We would also like to congratulate all the winners of the competition at this point. Continue to be the place for history and stories, for people and personalities, for innovation and tradition, new and old and continue to inspire with your unique concepts.

‘SCHÖN HIER’ festival 2022 in Eltville, Germany

In 2022, after a 2-year break from Corona, we finally contributed again to making the Rheingau region a nicer, in German ‘schöner’, place to be and linger.

The ‘SCHÖN HIER’ festival is a two-day cultural event at which over 200 artists from the genres of music as well as performing and visual arts of the Rheingau’s cultural network present their passion in diverse locations. According to the motto ‘It’s served … a bit of everything, please!’, festival guests can explore the cultural diversity of the region and, along the way, feast at numerous stalls and taste Rheingau wines. A real treat for young and old.

This year, the logo, key visual and design of the communication media for the ‘SCHÖN HIER’ festival were once again created by us. Each year, the key visual is tailored to the host location and contains some of its characteristics that want to be discovered. In addition to the well-known Electoral Castle, St. Peter and Paul, Johannes Gutenberg, the Biedermeier Association, the Witches of Erbach (a popular carnival club) and even the ‘Martinsthaler Wildsau’ (the ‘Martinsthal Boar’, originally the name of a vineyard site in the suburb of Martinsthal) are among the characters for #Eltville. As Eltville ist awarded an official #Rosenstadt (city of roses), roses adorn the collage, which is arranged like a bound bouquet of flowers as a tribute.

In addition to classic flyers and programme folders, we also took on the production of banners, backdrop / press walls, posters, beach flags and signs to identify the individual venues from afar. Later, deep into the planning, we were also able to support the organisers below-the-line with countless pictures of the musicians, artists and locations, in-house produced videos, graphics and collages, and with the support of the social media channels and website.

Again, we think it was really ‘schön’ and are already looking forward to next year’s #schönhierfestival.

POS interior without ShoeBox? Almost unthinkable!

The ‘Architecture & Design Community’ was founded in 2019; the birth year of our ShoeBox. Year after year, it ensures that architects, designers and engineers from all over the world, among others, get attention with their projects in numerous architecture, interior design and landscape categories.

After our modular POS system won an ICONIC AWARD 2021 for ‘Innovative Interior’, this year it received the International Architecture & Design Award 2022 for ‘Retail Interior’!

Two interior awards? That’s right. Our ShoeBox is a true POS interior genius when it comes to having a system for sales floors that puts merchandise on the area, looks trendy, can be remodeled at any time without fitters and allows for promotional areas and seating.

The fourth German Brand Award in a row for BRAINARTIST.

We have it! Nominated in October ’21, awarded on 9 June and just arrived: the German Brand Award 2022 for ‘Excellence Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Strategy’ in the B2C sector for our client sportgreen. Now we are green with pride; after all, this is our fourth German Brand Award in a row. But we can’t just bask in the glow of success and sit back and relax. We’d better keep up the good work. We promise!

That’s typical: our business campaign.

A wise man once said, ‘Art is beautiful, but it makes a lot of work.’ business-typical communication for safety shoes is real (and beautiful) work. But doing this job with the usual (suspect) 1/1 print ads in the usual (suspect) magazines was not an option for us. The right wording, spot-on PR and a high-circulation insert concept with eye-catching motifs create the awareness level in the competition that gets the message exactly where it needs to go.

Smart budget planning, the right media mix and a follow-up campaign for sales made the job complete. That's probably the art of it: thinking ahead for the customers; because whoever equips hard-working employees from the areas of rail & track, food & beverage and logistics with the best professional shoes has honestly earned this. Job: done.

Why we sometimes have to start from scratch.

Some agencies are said to engage in so-called ‘idea recycling’ for ‘economic’ reasons—such practices are far from our minds! Instead, we designed something completely new (among other reasons because it didn’t exist yet, anywhere)—and that for noble, ecological (and not economic) motives: namely the brand ‘sportgreen’.

The first store with purely sustainably produced sportswear commissioned us with the overall concept: from the naming, the wording, the CI and CD development, the shooting, the retailer concept, the trade marketing, the PoS design, to the online presence, we were allowed to do everything for this wonderful customer. The fact that we kept sustainability high during the production of all print media had to do with … ‘recycling’, but that’s nothing new, at least for us.

BRAINARTIST, Berlin and the Galeries Lafayette.

Looking at the shop windows of the Berlin branch of the most famous French high-end shopping temple has always been a bit like a … ‘gallery visit’. But we didn’t come to look but to beautify. After all, we owed it to our client Chloé to stage the spring/summer 2021 eyewear collection on the surface and on the façade.

Real Chloé girls fall for the AIDA principle — Attention, Interest, Desire and Action — a little faster and can — in real life — finally enjoy what we have all missed for so long: the art of shopping