Prestige Award – inszeniertPrestige Award – inszeniert
About the post-award age. 1
About the post-award age. 2
Thumbnail des WuV-Artikels über unsere Kampagne für STEITZ SECURA

The fastest award show ever.

Post-factual’ has become a familiar word; since ‘post-modernity’ this prefix has always been used to describe the end of an era. Exactly. We have already seen a number of award ceremonies – but none at the front door of our agency by ‘post’ (german for ‘mail’). Likewise, we have never been asked for a surname at an award ceremony or had to acknowledge receipt on a touch screen with our index finger.

Thus, we did not receive our latest award at a public event from a charming laudator with champagne breath, but from a nice young courier driver from FedEx. We would have liked to thank him, our customers, our colleagues and our family and to praise ourselves a little bit with a few words, but then the friendly young gentleman had already driven off the car park again and so fast that it whirled up the gravel in the driveway.

Well: Corona rules, of course. Award unpacked, placed in the row and ‘think ahead mode’: on!

Part 2.

If you win the German Business Award in 2020 for the second time after 2019, there must be a scientific explanation for this. In any case, the success research team from our Erbach-based ThinkTank could only come to the conclusion that the following parameters are fixed in this success thinking model: strong POS marketing, strategic brand management, cross-media communication and precisely applied project management.

Seen in this light, it can be seen as proven that our ‘think ahead’ principle ignites and thus releases a great deal of energy for our customers. This is why we are looking forward to a moving future with our clients in which the brands we support will still be heard a lot!

New! Everyday life without company sports …

When we didn’t want to think in the past, we liked to play soccer here. Not that this is mutually exclusive, but the great Gerd Müller once said when asked what he thinks about when he shoots a goal: ‘When you think, it’s too late anyway.’

Thus, at BRAINARTIST, intuitively controlled scoring before or after work was occasionally a welcome change from strategic planning. However, since we – AHA! – pay attention to the necessary distance rules, we still cancelled all ghost games in the social room.

As much as we like to play soccer, table soccer in a category 3 type 3B infection protection suit would look like a particularly weird fetish, even for less imaginative customers. So we prefer to just think ahead.

When omission becomes sausage.

Anyone who tells people today, unsuspectingly and only in good faith, that they like meat often has to explain this for longer than a good steak on the grill takes. In times of climate change, easily celebrating the lifestyle of past decades can even lead to people avoiding you with your old-fashioned burger at barbecues, just like an Arsenal fan in Chelsea.

The sporting challenge of conjuring up a very, very tasty brand and hearty packaging for ‘meat-like food’ was gladly accepted by our customer VAN HEES and us – full of appetite for good design, well cooked concepts and a hot sales force package. The result of our next level meat strategy can be seen here: And as true animal lovers, we are very proud to have made meatless enjoyment a little more tasty.

‘Top of the week’ at the trade press – our campaign for STEITZ SECURA

How do you actually manage to attract the attention of very, very busy people? The easiest way would be to camp in front of their workplaces, hold up self-painted signs saying ‘I want to be a customer of yours’ or follow them stubbornly wherever they go – after all, with Uschi Obermaier and Mick Jagger this was successful.

However, since we didn’t want to stalk rock stars for our customer STEITZ SECURA, but to sell the best safety shoes available to safety engineers, company doctors and purchasing managers, we had to proceed a little more professionally – because this target group IS as hard to reach as rock stars.

Stage 1: we put up posters for our – self-painted – campaign (and didn’t camp) directly in front of the headquarters of potential new customers. The individual 18/1 format address was followed by a half shoe box via courier service, which asked to match ‘the perfect pair’ – with the missing shoe and an appointment to get to know STEITZ SECURA and the – hopefully – new customer.

Somehow we were not really surprised by the great response and the business appointments made afterwards – some of which seemed impossible – … a little Uschi Obermaier just helps with real rock stars from industry and trade.

Omni visionary with BRAINARTIST on the way …

On days like these, where shop managers are desperately looking for customers, we planned to finally tell something that was probably unknown to many retailers: namely how much potential lies in the mysterious term ‘omnichannel marketing’! But we understood – such scientific sounding words as ‘NFC’, ‘augmented reality’, ‘digital signage’ and ‘mobile payment’ are hard to understand when used to describe ‘chop-chop – paid’, ‘greatest product show on earth’, ‘total overview’, or ‘bye-bye, cash’.

In order to make these very simple contents tangible – so that nobody else but we had to ‘think ahead’ – we drove across Germany with our 10-ton mobile demo shop to tell big brand manufacturers and shop operators about it live. So it wasn’t the mountain that came to the prophet, but BRAINARTIST to the POS.

And because we are convinced that buying in retail can be as much fun as watching a movie in the cinema and that real shop windows can be more exciting than virtual e-shops, we will continue to set out again and again in the future – to keep retail, for which BRAINARTIST always does everything for love, on the move.

‘Homework: done!’

The first headline draft for this article was originally ‘Six sells’. However, our numerous gender, diversity and equality consultants strongly advised against such ambiguity and recommended that we should ‘do our homework first’. Because we didn’t want to offend any feelings with our 6th consecutive award, one of our master students – during detention – made an instructive animation about it, which finally communicates the topic in a non-x-rated and yet youthful way.

Because we were really happy again, just like children, about our (attention: pun) b r a n d new award, the ‘German Brand Award 2020’, which we had received for the brand relaunch for our customer HAILO – which does not mean that we are not just as happy about these 5 awards:

  • “Best International Full Service Retail Marketing Agency 2019” (EU Business News London)
  • “Marketing Specialists of the Year 2020” (AI-Media London)
  • “Best International Full Service Retail Marketing Agency 2020” (Corporate LiveWire Berlin)
  • “Best International Full Service Marketing Agency 2020” (KMH Media Group Berlin)
  • “Best International Full Service Marketing Agency 2020” (Lawyer International London)

So now we have to bow down – understandably – six times.

New look in new best time.

What do GUCCI and CARTIER have in common again? Oh yes: together with KERING EYEWEAR, we present both brands on the most beautiful sales areas in Germany and Austria. The current campaign surely could not wait long in this weather, which is why we were booked – as always – for a quick, perfect installation.

The German Brand Award 2020 is ours!

When in 2018 one of the most famous German brands placed a small, rather unlikely prize-winning job with us, we couldn’t stop thinking about it: we suddenly thought of interactive packaging design, new visual worlds, the redesign of all communication media, a completely redesigned (and patented) POS shelf system and finally (because we like to think ahead where others like to stop) a guide for CRM and a whole new corporate wording.

Phew … of course we had to share these thoughts with HAILO. The holistic approach was obviously so convincing that what began with a sales folder led directly to a kick-off meeting for one of our biggest and most beautiful projects: the strategic brand relaunch of HAILO (and the beginning of a wonderful friendship). In the category ‘Brand Strategy/Brand Identity’ we received the award from the German Design Council. We bow down.