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A festive surprise, prepared and served à la Brainartist.

Like every year, Christmas came as a surprise again last year, but this time with a particularly delightful surprise. Melissa from PURELEI knocked on our little door, asking if we could envision sending a selection of their jewellery and lifestyle products inspired by Hawaii, to over 70 influencers for Christmas. The gift box was meant to be a special ‘Mahalo’ for their great collaboration, appealing, high-quality, and suitable for shipping. So, we swiftly pondered whether and how we could execute the project in pre-Christmas rush, considering we had just under 6 weeks from inquiry to conception, production, and shipping.

So we quickly tossed our ideas into the pot, stirred well, seasoned briefly, and voilà! We had a recipe that pleased everyone. Once all the ordered ingredients arrived, our elves rolled up their sleeves and got to work at a breathtaking speed.

We settled on printed and ribbon-adorned Christmas baubles with handmade inlays for securing the respective jewellery pieces, presented in a premium magnet box with a dedication on the lid. The baubles were protected from turbulence during their wild sleigh ride with the help of two cardboard inlays inside the box. Not only did this save weight, but it was also more sustainable than foam inserts.

Speaking of sustainability – thanks to incorporated ribbon loops, the Christmas baubles could adorn the tree directly, yet also offered the opportunity to decorate them according to personal taste and reuse them. Thus, we brought smiles to the faces of influencers even in distant Dubai.

We’re delighted with the positive feedback and say ‘mahalo’ for this joyful project.

That’s typical: our business campaign.

A wise man once said, ‘Art is beautiful, but it makes a lot of work.’ business-typical communication for safety shoes is real (and beautiful) work. But doing this job with the usual (suspect) 1/1 print ads in the usual (suspect) magazines was not an option for us. The right wording, spot-on PR and a high-circulation insert concept with eye-catching motifs create the awareness level in the competition that gets the message exactly where it needs to go.

Smart budget planning, the right media mix and a follow-up campaign for sales made the job complete. That's probably the art of it: thinking ahead for the customers; because whoever equips hard-working employees from the areas of rail & track, food & beverage and logistics with the best professional shoes has honestly earned this. Job: done.

Why we sometimes have to start from scratch.

Some agencies are said to engage in so-called ‘idea recycling’ for ‘economic’ reasons—such practices are far from our minds! Instead, we designed something completely new (among other reasons because it didn’t exist yet, anywhere)—and that for noble, ecological (and not economic) motives: namely the brand ‘sportgreen’.

The first store with purely sustainably produced sportswear commissioned us with the overall concept: from the naming, the wording, the CI and CD development, the shooting, the retailer concept, the trade marketing, the PoS design, to the online presence, we were allowed to do everything for this wonderful customer. The fact that we kept sustainability high during the production of all print media had to do with … ‘recycling’, but that’s nothing new, at least for us.

CO&CO, the magazine for corporate design and communication, awarded our design for our client VAN HEES. The editors were very impressed by our tastefulness in brand development, packaging and trade communication; and we were happy to share this — after all, one shouldn’t put oneself in the spotlight.

But not only because of the honourable mention, but also because of the wonderful collaboration and the purely vegan products. After all, we are not only design lovers, but also very big animal lovers. You can find even more about it here.

When omission becomes sausage.

Anyone who tells people today, unsuspectingly and only in good faith, that they like meat often has to explain this for longer than a good steak on the grill takes. In times of climate change, easily celebrating the lifestyle of past decades can even lead to people avoiding you with your old-fashioned burger at barbecues, just like an Arsenal fan in Chelsea.

The sporting challenge of conjuring up a very, very tasty brand and hearty packaging for ‘meat-like food’ was gladly accepted by our customer VAN HEES and us — full of appetite for good design, well cooked concepts and a hot sales force package. The result of our next level meat strategy can be seen here: And as true animal lovers, we are very proud to have made meatless enjoyment a little more tasty.

Everything you ever wanted to know about a seeding box, influencer kits and launch boxes:

What are seeding boxes, influencer kits and launch boxes?

Large brands provide so-called seeding boxes, influencer kits or launch boxes in which products are staged, which then become collector’s items for a raffle or as limited editions for the fan, for example.

Are there any examples of BRAINARTIST?

A great example of a successful launch box was an order from the label BSTN from Munich. Because in 2020, the new Nike Air Max 90 ‘NEW SPECIES’ were available in the BSTN online shop. But not only that: in the raffle on the BSTN website, sneaker freaks could apply for the purchase option of one of the 25 BSTN 12″ limited edition figures in the ‘NEW SPECIES’ design, plus an elaborately designed collector’s showcase in comic style.

This project, from the initial idea sketch to the production of the entire kit and delivery to the winners, was managed by BRAINARTIST. The complete package with the Nike sneakers was only available 25 times worldwide — by the way, shortly afterwards this limited BSTN special edition ‘powered by BRAINARTIST’ became a super rare collector’s item in the scene.

An influencer box? Isn’t that just a beautifully printed sample box?

Influencer boxes are specially designed boxes or sets sent to social media influencers, celebrities or relevant media to showcase or promote your products, services and brand. Social media influencer reviews of your product are an important means of increasing brand awareness and therefore sales. Careful planning and research about the target audience combined with excellent influencer box design, effective graphics and clever copy are the main pillars of the seeding box or influencer kits.

For sending to influencers, these boxes are designed by us so that they can be presented perfectly. The best influencer boxes must therefore be well thought out; and this is where our experience comes into play.

Can an influencer kit communicate our brand message?

Even a good influencer box can present your brand values in an appealing way. In addition to the right look, such packaging should also have the right feel and a suitable finish.

Our customers from the cosmetics, sports and consumer goods industries have high expectations of the overall design. For us, this means always focusing on top quality.

And of course that starts with the choice of materials. We often combine different textures in this area, as a ‘mix’ always optimises the look and feel here too. After all, the end result should always be ‘more than just the sum of all the parts’.

What is important in influencer marketing?

If your product has a more natural character or is sustainable, you may be looking for packaging that has little impact on the environment. BRAINARTIST also develops the right kits here to present your brand in the best possible way in the materials, finish or feel of the packaging.

When we design your influencer box, we design it around the product and your brand message. The design of the box should make your product the star of the show. But the story being told has to be true and verifiable.

That’s why we really pay attention to everything when designing an influencer box. Depending on the weight, size, transport method and final delivery address of the influencer boxes, we go for the best in material and construction to ensure that everything not only ‘survives’ the transport, but also arrives visually perfect. Here, correct selection of the delivery service is just as important as the stability of the shipping box — our logistics specialists have the right know-how here too.

What are the advantages of ‘unboxing’ the product in an exciting way?

When your influencer box reaches the recipient, the process of unpacking begins. This must be as simple and ‘frustration-free’ as possible. If an influencer has fun unboxing, the presentation will be a success for your brand.

Ideally, your recipient will want to document the unboxing process either with photos or even a video. An optimally designed influencer box reveals the contents in an arc of suspense, telling a product story, entertainingly conveying information about your company and promoting what differentiates your brand from the competition. The simpler the message, the greater the effect on your customers.

How do you stay in the best memory?

For example, make your influencer boxes easily reusable. If the graphic design is right and the shape and style of the box are unique and stylish, the recipient can keep the box for long-term storage. This gives your mailing a ‘second life’, ensures lasting contact with your brand and transfers the sustainable character of a high-quality mailing to the stability of your brand presence.

Would you like to know more? More info is available at — quite clearly —

We love security. And perfect campaign motifs.

In these turbulent times, the issue of security is present. So present that one can hardly wait for something different to appear on television than appearances of masked heroes. Nothing against real heroes, actually we are working for them: and this recently in the field of professional safety equipment.

In order to make the whole thing as dramatic as it could be, we only went ‘safe’ in terms of hygiene and minimum distance — for the motifs we still went ‘extreme’. And above all, our danger-seeking clients are really a driving force behind this plan and that is something we surely appreciate — and … action!

Shining hours the second. Our design of the Rheingau cultural festival ‘SCHÖN HIER’ has been mentioned and awarded in the current BLACK issue of the design magazine ‘#CO&CO’:

Reason enough for us to celebrate a little long before the opening of this event. Even if the weather is not quite right for a garden party, here is everything you need to know about this award-winning outdoor event: