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Aloha Maui Jim. Welcome to the BRAINARTIST ’Ohana

When everything is laid back and even the weather is playing ball, it’s sometimes time to lean back and soak up the beauty of the moment. Just like recently, when we once again had the pleasure of supporting our long-standing client Kering Eyewear at a special event.

But this time it wasn’t about the well-known (to us) brands in their portfolio such as Gucci, Cartier, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga or Chloé. Instead, it was all about Maui Jim and the new ‘Ekahi’ collection. The first collection (’ekahi = one) designed and produced by Kering Eyewear. This collection was to catch the eye of retailers and sales reps in a very special way during the two-day roadshow at Flora Köln.

So, we quickly organised the pop-up stand in Italy and presented the collection in the perfect light against the breathtaking backdrop of Cologne’s Flora, making the Maui Jim sunglasses the brightest collection of the event. The blooming flowers and water features of the botanical garden added the finishing touches and put the retailers in the perfect aloha mood.

Weather shiny, products inspiring, retailers inspired, clients delighted!

We are already looking forward to the next time we will be on board and working with Maui Jim.

‘SCHÖN HIER’ festival 2022 in Eltville, Germany

In 2022, after a 2-year break from Corona, we finally contributed again to making the Rheingau region a nicer, in German ‘schöner’, place to be and linger.

The ‘SCHÖN HIER’ festival is a two-day cultural event at which over 200 artists from the genres of music as well as performing and visual arts of the Rheingau’s cultural network present their passion in diverse locations. According to the motto ‘It’s served … a bit of everything, please!’, festival guests can explore the cultural diversity of the region and, along the way, feast at numerous stalls and taste Rheingau wines. A real treat for young and old.

This year, the logo, key visual and design of the communication media for the ‘SCHÖN HIER’ festival were once again created by us. Each year, the key visual is tailored to the host location and contains some of its characteristics that want to be discovered. In addition to the well-known Electoral Castle, St. Peter and Paul, Johannes Gutenberg, the Biedermeier Association, the Witches of Erbach (a popular carnival club) and even the ‘Martinsthaler Wildsau’ (the ‘Martinsthal Boar’, originally the name of a vineyard site in the suburb of Martinsthal) are among the characters for #Eltville. As Eltville ist awarded an official #Rosenstadt (city of roses), roses adorn the collage, which is arranged like a bound bouquet of flowers as a tribute.

In addition to classic flyers and programme folders, we also took on the production of banners, backdrop / press walls, posters, beach flags and signs to identify the individual venues from afar. Later, deep into the planning, we were also able to support the organisers below-the-line with countless pictures of the musicians, artists and locations, in-house produced videos, graphics and collages, and with the support of the social media channels and website.

Again, we think it was really ‘schön’ and are already looking forward to next year’s #schönhierfestival.

Viewed neutrally, Swiss locations are simply cool.

Yes, indeed, there are hotel rooms that the Rolling Stones didn’t dare to cut short — some of them are in one of the most famous houses in the world, the Grand Hotel Dolder, high above Zurich. And if Keith Richards had known that he was going to stay tired out and disguised with sunglasses in the very place where BRAINARTIST, years later, is hosting a sunglasses event for its client Kering Eyewear for the top brands Dunhill and Chloé, he would probably have made his bed before he left.

We, at any rate, were proud to be able to write our event history in the place where Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Thomas Mann culturally shaped the history of this hotel — and to look in on our masked colleague heroes in the local BRAINARTIST office on the edge of Lake Zürich.

To bring HAILO’s vision to life was an exciting challenge: the packaging was still in the coordination stage (but was to be presented), the new PoS system had not yet been sampled (but retailers were to be able to order it) and the stand space was reduced by half compared to the previous year.

The content for Ambiente 2019 included not only the presentation of new innovative products and a completely new packaging design, but also the brand’s entire new appearance.

BRAINARTIST started at HAILO with a slightly different booth: visitor areas became co-working spaces, the live product presentation became a virtual reality zone and 12 shelf metres of PoS module became an animated 3-D exhibition on flat screens. For BRAINARTIST this order was another exciting task for one of the most well-known German brands.