Zurich rocks! | BRAINARTIST GmbH – The Retail Marketing Agency
Wir richteten für Kering Eyewear ein Sonnenbrillen-Event für die Top-Marken Dunhill und Chloe im Grand Hotel Dolder in Zürich aus.

Viewed neutrally, Swiss locations are simply cool.

Yes, indeed, there are hotel rooms that the Rolling Stones didn’t dare to cut short – some of them are in one of the most famous houses in the world, the Grand Hotel Dolder, high above Zurich. And if Keith Richards had known that he was going to stay tired out and disguised with sunglasses in the very place where BRAINARTIST, years later, is hosting a sunglasses event for its client Kering Eyewear for the top brands Dunhill and Chloé, he would probably have made his bed before he left.

We, at any rate, were proud to be able to write our event history in the place where Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Thomas Mann culturally shaped the history of this hotel – and to look in on our masked colleague heroes in the local BRAINARTIST office on the edge of Lake Zürich.