BRAINARTIST: Logo des „ICONIC AWARDS: Interior“ 2021; die Auszeichnung für unsere modulare ShoeBox

The ICONIC AWARD 2021: our latest PoS design award hottie!

As cold as it is right now before Christmas, as warm is our advertiser’s heart. When our already hot competence in shop-in-shop solutions, premium brand staging at the PoS and last but not least patented display designs for our top customers is so richly rewarded: namely with the ICONIC AWARD 2021 from the German Design Council for the BRAINARTIST ‘ShoeBox’. Cross-selling power plus a variable clever PoS shelf system to build yourself — modular, lightweight, sales-boosting, innovative.

However, if you think we received the award because we were n i c e, you should know that the juries think ‘nice’ agencies are — ‘nice’; the ICONIC AWARDS for ‘Innovative Interior’ are awarded to the ‘best of the best’. It’s the ‘naughty’ ones that get the awards!

So we would like to thank our customer Nike here once quite impudently for this order — and even though we were awarded for a patented PoS system for sneakers that fits perfectly to every shop, we will still — while thinking ahead — remain one thing in the future: unadapted.

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