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‘Homework: done!’

The first headline draft for this article was originally ‘Six sells’. However, our numerous gender, diversity and equality consultants strongly advised against such ambiguity and recommended that we should ‘do our homework first’. Because we didn’t want to offend any feelings with our 6th consecutive award, one of our master students – during detention – made an instructive animation about it, which finally communicates the topic in an non-x-rated and yet youthful way. Because we were really happy again, just like children, about our (attention: pun) b r a n d new award, the ‘German Brand Award 2020’, which we had received for the brand relaunch for our customer HAILO – which does not mean that we are not just as happy about these 5 awards:

  • “Best International Full Service Retail Marketing Agency 2019” (EU Business News London)
  • “Marketing Specialists of the Year 2020” (AI-Media London)
  • “Best International Full Service Retail Marketing Agency 2020” (Corporate LiveWire Berlin)
  • “Best International Full Service Marketing Agency 2020” (KMH Media Group Berlin)
  • “Best International Full Service Marketing Agency 2020” (Lawyer International London)

So now we have to bow down – understandably – six times.

Working where others go on holiday? We do.

Now that many people are noticing their own surroundings for the first time, we are also noticing again something about our agency: How gnarly it is here, and that completely unaccidentally. Because one thing was important to us when choosing our ‘workspace’, which has a rather magnetic effect on tourists (and customers). Work should not only feel like work. That’s why we work digitally wherever we are needed, in the good old RL, however, in the Rheingau, where others go on holiday all year round - right next to one of the most beautiful hotels in the Rheingau ( That's what we call a work-life balance!

Where the young and wild Rheingau creatives are parking.

A little showing-off is a must. Since the sun is laughing a bit louder over Eltville, our young, rebellious and, of course, long-haired agency biker is back comparing size with the rides of the other boys from the neighbourhood. And even if he didn’t win this – childish – competition today, he will keep on fighting hard for a good layout, stand for usability values, look for design duels and will finally ride into the sunset at the end of a long day to tie his faithful Honda at a safe distance from all Wiesbaden Harleys.

So what they say about creative people isn’t exactly true …

Correct: The assumption is of course wrong that we drink hand disinfection gel at work. It’s true though that we still have – viewed plain soberly – projects that still make us intoxicated with pure design lust. Because thanks to our priceless, loyal and hard-working clients and our special mix of distance keeping, home office (and office home), we’re still at work. After all, like we say here in Germany: ‘Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps’. Therefore: Stay together, stay with us, stay healthy. See you!

As an ‘Early Bird’ at breakfast with BRAINARTIST you can now put this much-cited claim to the test.

When loyal customers woke up in the morning in our neighbouring hotel after a workshop in the nightlife of Rüdesheim, sometimes only a double espresso helped to finish the job decently the next day. But if you want to visit us for the first time, you should have had a good breakfast first, anyway. In the stylish and telephone system-free ambience, you can easily arrange a kick-off, a first briefing or just get to know each other. Since we show up (slightly untypical for the usual creatives) rather early in our office, we are happy about every early self-invitation under

When the music industry honours stars, starlets and newcomers year after year, we are always filled with unenvious admiration.

Because we don’t want a Grammy at all – yet we unwaveringly strive for the recognition of our achievements. And we have just received it: The ‘Prestige Award 2020’ in the category ‘Marketing Specialist’ is ours. But one thing at a time:

The ‘Berlin Prestige Award Guide’ reaches more than 100,000 readers based in Berlin and the surrounding area; as (old school) print and (very hot) digital format. Every year, the Prestige Awards team committee invites readers and contributors to a delightful corporate meeting where companies, products and services are presented – to honor very, very few of them. We are all the more proud of the ‘Marketing Specialist’ award, which honours our activities in omni-channel marketing, POS design and strategic brand management. We bow down.

Since impatient BrainBox subscribers have been asking for news about the latest mailing since the beginning of the year, we can now only advise you to relax.

Relaxation is on the way! Regardless of whether you have already received numbers 1 till 6, we promise with the delivery of number 7 you will be more laid-back for your next POS design project and finally have ‘the plan’ for clever cross-selling on your sales floor. Oh! You are not on the mailing list at all and would like to get excited to get to know our BrainBox – free of charge and without obligation? Here you will find enlightenment:

As soon as the thermometer rises above 10 degrees, the colleagues at BRAINARTIST start to leave their cars.

This may be because at such temperatures we ask ourselves: ‘How can we bring ourselves up to temperature for the working day?’ Right: with a muscle-driven warm-up in rush-hour traffic. With this we want to free up our place in the public transport system and be happy in the middle of the Rheingau already in the morning that we are allowed to work where others only take holidays.

Since rockets and firecrackers have become a bit out of fashion because of climate, environment and the more and more difficult to understand thought of burning money, we’d like to arrange something much more reasonable here:

A ‘Fireworks of customers’, so when watching this fireworks sometimes even ourselves can only say ‘Ooohh!’ or ‘Aaahhh!’ That’s how BRAINARTIST says to the best, the most beautiful and the most exciting clients there are, very loud and cracking: ‘Thank you all – not only for 2019! And a “cheers” to 2020, the year in which we will again ignite concepts with you, let projects take off and last but not least simply celebrate!’