Performance in all dimensions:
Innovative store concepts? Patented in-house developments? Award-winning brand relaunch? Websites?


BRAINARTIST was founded in 1992 and is owner-managed, fast, compact, efficient and — with all its ingenuity — never top-heavy. Born from the idea of having something special for the customer, namely the best ideas — for strategic brand management, creative design solutions and imaginative presentations at the POS.

Zwei Kataloge liegen aufeinander, um den Aspekt „Brands“ der Handelsmarketing-Agentur Brainartist darzustellen.


Our clients appreciate our unagitated way of developing exciting concepts. And because we always remain true to our ‘thinking ahead’ principle, our clients remain just as loyal to us. Because no matter which solution we develop, we continue to think: how we can stage pragmatic, sustainable, cost-effective and technically sophisticated brand experiences for your company.

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‘Hard-selling’, by the way, is no contradiction for us to a highly exciting presentation of your brand at the POS. We much prefer to inspire (and much more successfully) than to persuade.

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Second placements
  • more than 000 display concepts
  • for more than 000 brands
  • over 000.000 displays produced
Seeding and influencer kits
  • over 00 influencer kits
  • for more than 00 brands
  • more than 0.000 shipments
POS stagings
  • over 000 campaigns
  • for more than 00 clients
  • over 00.000 installations
  • over 0.000 days of action—promotion
  • over 0.000 days of action—trainings
  • over 0.000.000 contacts
Pop-up areas
  • over 00 pop-up concepts
  • for more than 00 clients
  • over 000 installations
Fan shops
  • more than 00 fan shops
  • for 00 Bundesliga clubs
  • more than 00.000
Shop windows
  • over 000 campaigns and concepts
  • for more than 00 clients
  • over 00.000 installations
Trade fairs
  • over 00 trade fair concepts
  • for more than 00 clients
  • over 00 trade fair stands and 0.000 mobile trade fair stands
  • over 0.000 concepts
  • for more than 000 clients
  • over 00.000 days of action