BRAINARTIST: Seeding-Box-Thumbnail mit Nike „Phantom Venom“

Small box — big impact

Influencer kits and seeding boxes.

Influencer marketing has long been an integral part of the modern marketing mix and more and more companies are taking advantage of its benefits. It offers a multitude of benefits compared to conventional advertising measures. In particular, the precise definition of the target group and the low wastage make influencer marketing so interesting for companies.

We have also thought ahead here and, with the emergence of the first influencer platforms, have already developed and produced influencer kits, seeding and launch boxes for major brands and start-ups and sent them to selected ‘trailblazers’. The strictly limited and elaborately produced boxes already cause a sensation when they are unboxed and quickly find their way to numerous followers via online video with a lot of multiplication potential.

For example, for the product launch of the Nike Air Max 90 ‘NEW SPECIES’ for BSTN in Munich, we ‘invented’ the ‘Snakeman’ figure for a cartoon including a 30 cm resin model in the showcase box. Limited to 25 copies and already a much sought-after collector’s item. Our ingenuity and the realisation of this campaign were rewarded with the ‘Silver A’ Design Award 2021’.

We have been able to successfully realise this and more than 30 other seeding and influencer boxes in recent years.

BRAINARTIST: Badge unseres „A’ Design Award Winner 2021 – Silver“