BRAINARTIST: Cover des Beweises über die Nike Air Max 90 „NEW SPECIES“ und die limitierte Figur von BSTN

Nike Air Max 90’s ‘NEW SPECIES’ — BSTN style

At BSTN in Munich, the new Nike Air Max 90 ‘NEW SPECIES’ were available in the online shop. But not only that: The ‘Sneaker Freaks’ could apply for the purchase option of one of the 25 BSTN 12″ limited edition figures in the ‘NEW SPECIES’ design plus an elaborately designed collector’s showcase in comic style at the ‘raffle’ on the BSTN website.

But who has to be commissioned with the design and production of such a special edition? Best an agency with 20 years of experience in things like timing madness, production world saving and — Nike; just BRAINARTIST.

From the scribble on the after-briefing pizza napkin to the rather elaborate production and delivery it took 4 hissing weeks — then the snake charmers of BRAINARTIST had once again satisfied the eternal sneaker freak greed for a worldwide super-rare collector’s item.

And because this pack with the new Nike sneakers is only available 25 times worldwide, this limited BSTN special edition powered by BRAINARTIST has already become a super rare collector’s item on the scene.

This earned it the ‘Silver A’ Design Award’ 2021.

BRAINARTIST: Badge unseres „A’ Design Award Winner 2021 – Silver“