BRAINARTIST: Eine von sportgreens Inspirationen – eine Nautilus-Schale, die für den Kreislauf der Natur steht

Why we sometimes have to start from scratch.

Some agencies are said to engage in so-called ‘idea recycling’ for ‘economic’ reasons—such practices are far from our minds! Instead, we designed something completely new (among other reasons because it didn’t exist yet, anywhere)—and that for noble, ecological (and not economic) motives: namely the brand ‘sportgreen’.

The first store with purely sustainably produced sportswear commissioned us with the overall concept: from the naming, the wording, the CI and CD development, the shooting, the retailer concept, the trade marketing, the PoS design, to the online presence, we were allowed to do everything for this wonderful customer. The fact that we kept sustainability high during the production of all print media had to do with … ‘recycling’, but that’s nothing new, at least for us.

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