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Rechte Perspektive auf das inszenierte Schaufenster der Frühjahr/Sommer-2021-Eyewear-Kollektion von CHLOÉ in den Galeries Lafayette in Berlin

BRAINARTIST, Berlin and the Galeries Lafayette.

Looking at the shop windows of the Berlin branch of the most famous French high-end shopping temple has always been a bit like a … ‘gallery visit’. But we didn’t come to look but to beautify. After all, we owed it to our client CHLOÉ to stage the spring/summer 2021 eyewear collection on the surface and on the façade.

Real CHLOÉ girls fall for the AIDA principle – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action – a little faster and can – in real life – finally enjoy what we have all missed for so long: the art of shopping