BRAINARTIST: Inhalt der Seeding-Box des Sportschuhs Nike „SuperRep“

Everything you ever wanted to know about a seeding box, influencer kits and launch boxes:

What are seeding boxes, influencer kits and launch boxes?

Large brands provide so-called seeding boxes, influencer kits or launch boxes in which products are staged, which then become collector’s items for a raffle or as limited editions for the fan, for example.

Are there any examples of BRAINARTIST?

A great example of a successful launch box was an order from the label BSTN from Munich. Because in 2020, the new Nike Air Max 90 ‘NEW SPECIES’ were available in the BSTN online shop. But not only that: in the raffle on the BSTN website, sneaker freaks could apply for the purchase option of one of the 25 BSTN 12″ limited edition figures in the ‘NEW SPECIES’ design, plus an elaborately designed collector’s showcase in comic style.

This project, from the initial idea sketch to the production of the entire kit and delivery to the winners, was managed by BRAINARTIST. The complete package with the Nike sneakers was only available 25 times worldwide — by the way, shortly afterwards this limited BSTN special edition ‘powered by BRAINARTIST’ became a super rare collector’s item in the scene.

An influencer box? Isn’t that just a beautifully printed sample box?

Influencer boxes are specially designed boxes or sets sent to social media influencers, celebrities or relevant media to showcase or promote your products, services and brand. Social media influencer reviews of your product are an important means of increasing brand awareness and therefore sales. Careful planning and research about the target audience combined with excellent influencer box design, effective graphics and clever copy are the main pillars of the seeding box or influencer kits.

For sending to influencers, these boxes are designed by us so that they can be presented perfectly. The best influencer boxes must therefore be well thought out; and this is where our experience comes into play.

Can an influencer kit communicate our brand message?

Even a good influencer box can present your brand values in an appealing way. In addition to the right look, such packaging should also have the right feel and a suitable finish.

Our customers from the cosmetics, sports and consumer goods industries have high expectations of the overall design. For us, this means always focusing on top quality.

And of course that starts with the choice of materials. We often combine different textures in this area, as a ‘mix’ always optimises the look and feel here too. After all, the end result should always be ‘more than just the sum of all the parts’.

What is important in influencer marketing?

If your product has a more natural character or is sustainable, you may be looking for packaging that has little impact on the environment. BRAINARTIST also develops the right kits here to present your brand in the best possible way in the materials, finish or feel of the packaging.

When we design your influencer box, we design it around the product and your brand message. The design of the box should make your product the star of the show. But the story being told has to be true and verifiable.

That’s why we really pay attention to everything when designing an influencer box. Depending on the weight, size, transport method and final delivery address of the influencer boxes, we go for the best in material and construction to ensure that everything not only ‘survives’ the transport, but also arrives visually perfect. Here, correct selection of the delivery service is just as important as the stability of the shipping box — our logistics specialists have the right know-how here too.

What are the advantages of ‘unboxing’ the product in an exciting way?

When your influencer box reaches the recipient, the process of unpacking begins. This must be as simple and ‘frustration-free’ as possible. If an influencer has fun unboxing, the presentation will be a success for your brand.

Ideally, your recipient will want to document the unboxing process either with photos or even a video. An optimally designed influencer box reveals the contents in an arc of suspense, telling a product story, entertainingly conveying information about your company and promoting what differentiates your brand from the competition. The simpler the message, the greater the effect on your customers.

How do you stay in the best memory?

For example, make your influencer boxes easily reusable. If the graphic design is right and the shape and style of the box are unique and stylish, the recipient can keep the box for long-term storage. This gives your mailing a ‘second life’, ensures lasting contact with your brand and transfers the sustainable character of a high-quality mailing to the stability of your brand presence.

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