An alluring back(drop) for Gucci.

And once again it’s ‘Curtain up for #GucciEyewear’. This time, however, our client did not take us to the Moulin Rouge, but to the equally prestigious KaDeWe (transl. Department Store of the West) in Berlin.

When we received the request from Kering Eyewear in Milan to take over production and installation of the Gucci Hollywood Forever campaign for one of Berlin’s most coveted advertising spaces, we were, as so often, right there with a ‘ya-ya’. Even though the timing was laced up rather tight with 5 weeks from the request.

Artful staging, sophisticated materials, tantalising shapes and tight timings are precisely the temptations we just can’t say no to. We were not allowed to use black satin sheets, but the metallic materials and lacquers we used were just as noble and shimmered seductively at the onlookers.

We gladly accepted the challenge of staging four rather small products on a stage of about 6 × 10 m and presented the ingenious sunglasses in an attention-grabbing special construction that attracted attention with silky shiny material, cleverly placed details and light accents.

The LED wall, almost adorable at just under 3.5 × 8 m, was partially covered with a custom-made piece in accordance with the design specifications of the campaign. Set in scene by a luminous contour, the cut-out nevertheless allowed intimate insights into the campaign motifs and videos, which were specially cut to fit this area. In order to cope with the inevitable rising heat and to prevent embarrassing deformations (for us), we relied on aluminium for the construction of the back wall, which, thanks to a special high-gloss coating, achieved the acrylic glass look originally desired.

In the end we can say: customer, client and also we are still completely fascinated by the visit to Berlin’s most renowned department store. Thank you KaDeWe, we will gladly come again!

We are already looking forward to the next time when we are allowed to raise the curtain again for Gucci, Chloé, Balenciaga, Cartier, Saint Laurent, Montblanc or other top brands from Kering Eyewear.

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