Vegan food at the Foodfactory Berlin. Thank you, Every.! 1

Every. has a pop-up store for two months in the Foodfactory in Berlin. They need an elegant solution for this, but one that is easy to remove or reuse.

We should pick out ideas on how to design the menu board on the wall and the three panels on the counter front. The menus on the board should be interchangeable. Timing of the concept including production and delivery was only two weeks. After several proposals, we decided on a printed Aludibond panel measuring 300 × 120 cm for the menu board. Each menu was printed on white Easy Dot foil, which is easy to apply and remove. Since the menu board could not be screwed to the wall, we had to find a solution for fastening it with hooks to the black metal bar.

The three motifs in front of the counter are also printed on Easy Dot foil and were stuck directly onto the black boards.

In addition to this work, a board for the opening ceremony and stickers also came from us; however, we did not take care of the roll-up to the left of the counter and the poster on the wall.

The client was satisfied: ‘Everything arrived perfectly, we set the menu board correctly and this is the amazing result!!’

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