Ditching food is so 90s. Recently we read an article in a printed newspaper that said, ‘Some social media articles are no smarter than yogurt!’ We thought so too …

BRAINARTIST: Der Engelshof in Hetzerath benutzt bereits das U4FOOD-Etikett

But at least as far as yogurt is concerned, that’s now a thing of the past. Since one of our environmentally concerned customers developed a revolutionary label with a ‘food-saving display’ using a patented technology. So that still edible and chilled food does not pass away and be forgotten in the fridge — unnoticed.

BRAINARTIST has developed the lovely brand U4FOOD to remember for this purpose, so that a good idea becomes an enthusiastic movement. Just click here. The first partner who has already joined our food-saving initiative is the extremely sustainable engelshof.de in the beautiful Eifel region. Well, somebody has to start saving the world.

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