BRAINARTIST: Pop-up für Gucci im Kaufhaus STEFFL in Wien, Österreich

(hey, hey, hey)

‘Lady Marmalade’ could not have put it better: which is how we celebrate our brand-new Gucci campaign at STEFFL in Vienna. After the re-opening, of course, all ‘badass chicks’ (not only those from the ‘Moulin Rouge’) and all ‘independent women’ were pretty hot for the new sunglasses collection. So we simply had to help our ‘soul sistas’ in Austria!

But we didn’t want to let our offer go as far as the famous chorus described it so unmistakably at that time. We rather left — respectfully — the one really important question in the beautiful (sales) room, which was designed by BRAINARTIST in record time:
‘Voulez-vous des lunettes de soleil géniales de Gucci?’ (Ooh …?)

P.S.: The earwig is for free …

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