BRAINARTIST: der geöffnete MOST-Futuria-Roadshow-Bus für Omni-Vision vor dem Schloss Reinhartshausen

Omni visionary with BRAINARTIST on the way …

On days like these, where shop managers are desperately looking for customers, we planned to finally tell something that was probably unknown to many retailers: namely how much potential lies in the mysterious term ‘omnichannel marketing’! But we understood — such scientific sounding words as ‘NFC’, ‘augmented reality’, ‘digital signage’ and ‘mobile payment’ are hard to understand when used to describe ‘chop-chop — paid’, ‘greatest product show on earth’, ‘total overview’, or ‘bye-bye, cash’.

In order to make these very simple contents tangible — so that nobody else but we had to ‘think ahead’ — we drove across Germany with our 10-ton mobile demo shop to tell big brand manufacturers and shop operators about it live. So it wasn’t the mountain that came to the prophet, but BRAINARTIST to the PoS.

And because we are convinced that buying in retail can be as much fun as watching a movie in the cinema and that real shop windows can be more exciting than virtual e-shops, we will continue to set out again and again in the future — to keep retail, for which BRAINARTIST always does everything for love, on the move.

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