‘Top of the week’ at the trade press — our campaign for STEITZ SECURA

How do you actually manage to attract the attention of very, very busy people? The easiest way would be to camp in front of their workplaces, hold up self-painted signs saying ‘I want to be a customer of yours.’ or follow them stubbornly wherever they go — after all, with Uschi Obermaier and Mick Jagger this was successful.

However, since we didn’t want to stalk rock stars for our customer STEITZ SECURA, but to sell the best safety shoes available to safety engineers, company doctors and purchasing managers, we had to proceed a little more professionally — because this target group IS as hard to reach as rock stars.

Stage 1: we put up posters for our — self-painted — campaign (and didn’t camp) directly in front of the headquarters of potential new customers. The individual 18/1 format address was followed by a half shoe box via courier service, which asked to match ‘the perfect pair’ — with the missing shoe and an appointment to get to know STEITZ SECURA and the — hopefully — new customer.

Somehow we were not really surprised by the great response and the business appointments made afterwards — some of which seemed impossible — … a little Uschi Obermaier just helps with real rock stars from industry and trade.

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