BRAINARTIST: Alle Geisterspiele mit dem Tischkicker aufgrund von Corona vorläufig abgesagt

New! Everyday life without company sports …

When we didn’t want to think in the past, we liked to play soccer here. Not that this is mutually exclusive, but the great Gerd Müller once said when asked what he thinks about when he shoots a goal: ‘When you think, it’s too late anyway.’

Thus, at BRAINARTIST, intuitively controlled scoring before or after work was occasionally a welcome change from strategic planning. However, since we — AHA! — pay attention to the necessary distance rules, we still cancelled all ghost games in the social room.

As much as we like to play soccer, table soccer in a category 3 type 3B infection protection suit would look like a particularly weird fetish, even for less imaginative customers. So we prefer to just think ahead.

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