BRAINARTIST: Kampagnenmotiv, Stele und Mannequin-Podest für die Inszenierung des Nike „Joyride Dual Run“ im Ochsner Sport in der Europaallee in Zürich, Schweiz

When the starting shot for two Nike running campaigns was fired twice, we had to break our own records. But thanks to our well-trained team in Switzerland and our hard to beat PoS fitness, we made the race against the timing rather easy.

The end result: three spectacular ‘Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo Shield’ windows at OCHSNER — plus the fast-paced overall staging of the OCHSNER CUBE surface with the ‘Nike Joyride Dual Run’ and a podium, which ensured a sovereign victory at the PoS with an incredible 7,800 specially produced damper balls in the original ‘Joyride’ design.

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