BRAINARTIST: Ist vom „Berlin Prestige Award Guide“ 2020 zum „Marketing Specialist“ ernannt worden und erhielt den „Prestige Award“

When the music industry honours stars, starlets and newcomers year after year, we are always filled with unenvious admiration.

Because we don’t want a Grammy at all — yet we unwaveringly strive for the recognition of our achievements. And we have just received it: The ‘Prestige Award 2020’ in the category ‘Marketing Specialist’ is ours. But one thing at a time.

The ‘Berlin Prestige Award Guide’ reaches more than 100,000 readers based in Berlin and the surrounding area; as (old school) print and (very hot) digital format. Every year, the Prestige Award’s team committee invites readers and contributors to a delightful corporate meeting where companies, products and services are presented — to honor very, very few of them.

We are all the more proud of the ‘Marketing Specialist’ award, which honours our activities in omni-channel marketing, PoS design and strategic brand management. We bow down.

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