Whoever bought the new Nike Air Max 90 ‘NEW SPECIES’ from BSTN in Munich from the raffle on the web could hope for a unique chance: Namely one of the 25 BSTN 12″ limited edition figures in the NEW SPECIES design plus an elaborately designed collector’s showcase in comic style. With over 20 years of experience for Nike, BSTN trustfully commissioned BRAINARTIST with this job.

From the briefing to the delivery of the finished edition, it was only 4 weeks — despite the tight timing BRAINARTIST had gone through the voting with handmade scribbles of the figure and the packaging, sample models and various 3-D designs at a sprint pace and presented a solution that inspired the customer without limit. The BRAINARTIST snake charmers also worked hard for the finish and production.

And because this pack with the new Nike sneakers is only available 25 times worldwide, this limited BSTN special edition powered by BRAINARTIST has already become a super rare collector’s item in the scene.

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