BRAINARTIST: Lippenstift-Modelle und Roboterarm für die M·A·C-Präsentation in der Magazine zum Globus AG in Zürich, Schweiz

Truly stylish — the M·A·C presentation at Globus in Zurich.

To be allowed to realise a complete world of experience for the M·A·C brand, by Estée Lauder, seemed almost a bit surreal to us. After we had brought ourselves back to reality, we were already in the middle of planning. Really now — that’s how it is at BRAINARTIST … The industrial robot arm, we constructed after a (attention: pun!) ‘hand-drawn sketch’ by one of our designers.

Above the laser engraving station, this concept attracted the desired attention in an almost machine-like precise way. From the oversized lipsticks to the smallest plotted letter, everything, including installation, actually came from BRAINARTIST and its partner companies — we truly swear.

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