BRAINARTIST: Foto von unseren gefalteten BrainBoxen Nummer 6 über unsere Inszenierung der Nike Air Max 90 – New Species

In the exciting age of ubiquitous online communication, we made a bold decision some time ago: not to send a newsletter. The reason: we hardly read any newsletters ourselves and, as the former mayor of Berlin once said in another context, ‘That’s good, too.’

But how do you tell customers and companies, who should have been our customers for a long time, about our most beautiful projects? Right: send boxes with the post with surprising letters, flyers to unpack and something to play with.

6 times we have already let some of our projects go offline with our BrainBox (and don’t think about stopping …). So if you want to get the current BrainBox # 06, you can get it here. Attention: without costs, without obligation — very easy to order:

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