BRAINARTIST: Collage unseres Beweises über unsere Markengestaltung von VECAN®, vegane Lebensmittel, von VAN HEES

Vegan Art

News from your ‘post-meat’ planners from the Rheingau.

Vegan ‘meat-like’ food is very much in vogue. Our client VAN HEES trusted us with a brand design that, free from the usual look, presents products that are free of animal products. Our client commissioned our team directly in 3 simple bullet points:

  1. ‘Should make you want to barbecue’
  2. ‘No esoteric blah blah’
  3. ‘You should like it, even as a real guy’

It can be so simple. In addition to a ‘hearty’ look, a sharp sales concept, appropriately arranged sales material and web content served up on the dot—voilà: Dinner was served.

The result of our next-level meat strategy can be seen here: And as real friends of all animals (and as real guys) we are very proud to have made meatless enjoyment a little bit more tasty.