BRAINARTIST: POS-Relaunch von M·A·C im Department Store Jelmoli in Zürich, Schweiz

POS relaunch for M·A·C

… with Lipsticks, Foundations and Superstars from M·A·C. And BRAINARTIST,

With an attractive POS relaunch for a top brand from Estée Lauder, you should actually make every sales floor look better. The challenge, however, was that this was not one of the easiest tasks at the finest addresses in Switzerland (including Jelmoli/Zurich and Douglas/Lucerne) — challenge accepted! Our top-class staging of the M·A·C brand already shone optically during the 3-D presentation and impressed the customers as well. However, sales were to continue, which reduced the time window here to a really cute and tiny size. And because service providers in Switzerland are sent to bed by the regulatory authorities by 11 pm at the latest, we just started — with a winning smile — after closing time. Despite everything, our team at each location completed the installation the required hour before midnight. After a perfect job, we even had time for our beauty sleep.