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Wir richteten für Kering Eyewear ein Sonnenbrillen-Event für die Top-Marken Dunhill und Chloe im Grand Hotel Dolder in Zürich aus.
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NIKE needed for the model ‘Phantom Venom Elite FG’ a seeding box for the flagship store of 11teamsports in Berlin. The ‘Sneaker Freakers’ should be made hot.

With years of experience in designing NIKE seeding boxes, we had full confidence in this timing. The schedule: on Monday BRAINARTIST got the briefing for the job. The goal was the delivery of 25 exclusive, limited seeding boxes, which should be at the POS only 10 days later at the start of the campaign. 3 hours later the customer had the first drafts, in the afternoon the voting was finished.

The seeding box was in several special colours 2 days before the appointment with relief lacquer effects, an elaborate folding technique and an invisible magnetic closure in the store. Sneaker Freaker and NIKE should not be kept waiting either.

One of the best-known German brands, HAILO, wanted after some meetings of BRAINARTIST – completely without pitch – the redesign of the whole brand; from Instagram posts to POS design.

This resulted in a completely new, interactive packaging design, a new visual world and the redesign of all communication media. Because this was not enough for HAILO and us, HAILO also received a complete brand manual, a guideline for customer relationship management and – last but not least – a new, uniform wording.

The holistic approach is typical for our thinking: first think, then think ahead. And always for the customer. For HAILO this meant a courageous, big step into the future, which was rewarded with the ‘German Brand Award 2019’.

BRAINARTIST starts the 2nd half of the year. What was on the agenda: integration of new processes, planning of software training, new team structure and target agreements.

As the meeting room was already sufficiently well known among our colleagues and the Rheingau can sometimes manage without us, we set up a more BRAINARTIST-typical agenda in a conference hotel: 20 % business content, 40 % culture, 40 % action. After our compact agency kick-off, we were inspired in the old town of Limburg by a historically staged city tour – and afterwards on the LIMPARK-Paintball-Range all Holi festivals were put in the shade.

Strictly according to our unofficial agency vision: ‘Work does not have to feel like work.’

MUUME is one of the leading providers of digital payment and self-service: In order to offer business partners throughout Europe the same experience of simplicity, we were commissioned to create a uniform image.

Shop, inform yourself and pay – everything digitally via an app, whether at the POS, on the road or from home. MUUME offers maximum digital convenience and simplicity. The new BRAINARTIST design should be as simple as that.

Of course, we were happy to do that – but after ‘thinking ahead’, we also recommended a corporate design manual, which defines dos and don’ts, so that not only the partners know what is allowed but also MUUME itself. That’s what we mean by consulting: first think, then think ahead, then do.

Check the coolest NIKE stores with BRAINARTIST campaigns? Annual meeting at 26 degrees? Other agencies are known for scrap metal or for a cup of mulled wine in the company car park. We also think ahead at Christmas parties!

A year-end meeting doesn’t always have to be in a meeting room – and because it’s sometimes too cold at Christmas in the Rheingau: for a few warm words from the boss we just flew to Barcelona in time.

In order to follow paths not too familiar here, our best, most local ex-colleague Ava guided us – Ava, ¡mil gracias! – safely through the trendiest bars and clubs.

In 2017, the company wanted to develop a new design image with BRAINARTIST. With a partner for strategic brand development, the agency and AlphaCircle redefined the brand core and the USP – and at the same time took the opportunity to invite AlphaCircle and its top clients to a workshop in our Zurich office.

We recommended a relaunch, which should not only be a visual modernisation, but also give the company an unmistakable profile. AlphaCircle offers high-end products and service from the medical sector. Since 2006, BRAINARTIST has been looking after its customers when it has come to marketing and corporate design.

The result was a very precise positioning with an orientation that makes AlphaCircle appear more selective in the market; with the plus of a design update.

CRMFIRST GmbH is a young company offering solutions in the field of customer relations and customer engagement in the areas of finance, tourism and member organisations.

CRMFIRST has been creatively supported by BRAINARTIST since 2013 as a fast-growing consulting and implementation company in the areas of marketing, design and trade fairs. Due to the newly gained size of the company, a relaunch of the corporate design was the next logical step.

BRAINARTIST, in intensive cooperation with the decision makers of CRMFIRST, completely revised the entire look, developed a new wording and – last but not least – fixed all design guidelines in a brand manual. The result: a new look with a highly professional appearance that is 100 % in line with CRMFIRST’s business level.

The redesign of the NIKE HQ in Switzerland was on the agenda. Our office in Zurich was delighted to take over the planning.

The redesign was intended to give the location a radically new look, true to the client’s philosophy of always being in motion. Our aim was to close the ‘old’ office with the last employee on friday evening and ‘install’ the new office over the weekend.

On Sunday evening we actually did the last brushstroke on site and on Monday morning NIKE opened its Swiss headquarters completely in a new look as a surprise for the team.

BRAINARTIST shows companies how to keep pace with online trading. Many customers asked us how to accelerate their sales areas at the POS. So we put together a 10-ton presentation to touch and experience and simply visited customers, new customers and interested companies on site.

‘Thinking ahead’ here meant ‘driving ahead’ – technology with BRAINARTIST can get closer to the trade so quickly.