And the German Business Award 2019 goes to … 1
Thumbnail des WuV-Artikels über unsere Kampagne für STEITZ SECURA
And the German Business Award 2019 goes to … 2
And the German Business Award 2019 goes to … 3
GUCCI-Installation in Linz

… BRAINARTIST! The ‘EU Business News’ is a renowned specialist title that honours ‘outstanding competitive performance of European medium-sized companies’. BRAINARTIST is very, very proud to have received the ‘German Business Award 2019’. For us this is a further incentive to think further for our customers, to remain further innovative and to continue with our excellent – thank you, EU Business News! – Team in the competition to give impulses, to get them and simply to continue to have fun with our job. Yesss!

In the exciting age of ubiquitous online communication, we made a bold decision some time ago: Not to send a newsletter. The reason: We hardly read any newsletters ourselves and, as the former mayor of Berlin once said in another context, ‘That’s good, too.’

But how do you tell customers and companies who should have been our customers for a long time about our most beautiful projects? Right: Send boxes with the post with surprising letters, flyers to unpack and what to play with. 6 times we have already let some of our projects go offline with our BrainBox (and don’t think about stopping …). So if you want to get the current BrainBox # 06, you can get it here – attention: without costs, without obligation – very easy to order:

Every year we call our customers on time, just to let them know that they can’t call us for a weekend. With this carefully cultivated tradition, we uphold the core values of our agency. One of these values is: ‘Work should not feel like work’. But another is: ‘You shouldn’t celebrate christmas parties at work.’ Because we are also known throughout Europe for thinking ahead, we organise our year-end party – also traditionally – always a little further away. This year this way leads us to the beautiful Valencia, where BRAINARTIST celebrates another moving year quite properly and contemplatively. Feliz navidad y un próspero año nuevo!

… BRAINARTIST. From now on we offer complete fulfilment via the NIKE dealer portal …

From order acceptance to shipping, we make it even easier for NIKE trade partners to bring campaigns to life at the POS. Because POS marketing should only be unexciting in one area: processing. We are proud to be able to look after a further area that brings our customer’s performance onto the street faster.

For top brands like CARTIER and GUCCI you just have to stay tuned – that’s why the updates of the very successful POS campaigns are currently running on high-turnover areas in all German-speaking countries.

With the exciting continuation of our successful premiere for Kering Eyewear, BRAINARTIST continues a very nice cooperation: The new look of the current models; making the attractive surfaces even more attractive and – last but not least – strengthening the power of big brands: All this makes our customers look really good once again.

One of our biggest customers gave us a task for the POS that seemed impossible to solve: ‘Provides us with a sales area system that allows us to have merchandise on the area, that looks trendy, that can be remodeled at any time without fitters, and that allows promotional areas and seating – and at a reasonable price’. We thought about it. We thought ahead … BRAINARTIST proudly presents: the BRAINARTIST ‘ShoeBox’. Cross-selling power plus variable POS design to build yourself – modular, lightweight, sales-boosting, innovative. For the production of our slim ShoeBox, we first had a 4-ton tool built, with which 15,000 copies per week can be produced using the most modern injection moulding process. That’s possible.

The new JORDAN 34 should be ‘the most beautiful’ in the whole DTC-BE-Store in Berlin …

… so in just 10 days from the briefing BRAINARTIST brought the presentation to a mirroring high gloss, so that the other sneakers became mighty envious – what was good for a healthy competition for enthusiastic customers, we found.

It’s unimaginable if you don’t know beforehand what the staging of a 12 metre wide front looks like after installation. That’s why our mock-up specialists always render a view for the customers beforehand so as not to strain their imagination. Ok. Which picture is the mock-up and which is the installation?