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Wir richteten für Kering Eyewear ein Sonnenbrillen-Event für die Top-Marken Dunhill und Chloe im Grand Hotel Dolder in Zürich aus.
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Prestige Award – inszeniertPrestige Award – inszeniert

… with lipsticks, foundations and superstars from M·A·C. And BRAINARTIST.

With an attractive POS relaunch for a top brand from ESTÉE LAUDER, you should actually make every sales floor look better. The challenge, however, was that this was not one of the easiest tasks at the finest addresses in Switzerland (including Jelmoli in Zurich and DOUGLAS in Lucerne) – challenge accepted!

Our top-class staging of the M·A·C brand already shone optically during the 3-D presentation and impressed the customers as well. However, sales were to continue, which reduced the time window here to a really cute and tiny size. And because service providers in Switzerland are sent to bed by the regulatory authorities by 11 p.m. at the latest, we just started – with a winning smile – after closing time.

Despite everything, our team at each location completed the installation the required hour before midnight. After a perfect job, we even had time for our beauty sleep.

Truly stylish – the M·A·C presentation at Globus in Zurich.

To be allowed to realise a complete world of experience for the M·A·C brand, by ESTÉE LAUDER, seemed almost a bit surreal to us. After we had brought ourselves back to reality, we were already in the middle of planning. Really now – that’s how it is at BRAINARTIST … The industrial robot arm, we constructed after a (attention: pun!) ‘hand-drawn sketch’ by one of our designers.

Above the laser engraving station, this concept attracted the desired attention in an almost machine-like precise way. From the oversized lipsticks to the smallest plotted letter, everything, including installation, actually came from BRAINARTIST and its partner companies – we truly swear.

Shining hours the second. Our design of the Rheingau cultural festival ‘SCHÖN HIER’ has been mentioned and awarded in the current BLACK issue of the design magazine ‘CO&CO’:

Reason enough for us to celebrate a little long before the opening of this event. Even if the weather is not quite right for a garden party, here is everything you need to know about this award-winning outdoor event:

What sounds more complicated than it actually is, is the new NIKE React Infinity Run Flyknit.

This shoe was specially developed to – quite simply – prevent injuries. NIKE calls the specially developed combination of special cushioning and sole shape a ‘rocker geometry’ for a smoother rolling motion while running. For us this sounded like another starting signal for another campaign in the Berlin NIKE store.

Briefing: January 7th 2020. Installation was completed on 30th January – so we could look forward to the next projects with NIKE very, very quickly.

It is precisely this attitude that an agency should – always – go to work with.

So can it be a coincidence that BRAINARTIST implemented and staged the first campaign developed in Germany for the German market for NIKE in Berlin? All in all, NIKE included more than 15 real heroes in the campaign. Because they do what they want to do, against all odds and doubts. In this way they not only help themselves but also others.

Of course we wanted to help first – and were pleased to do so in all three NIKE stores in Berlin – In addition, the fearless IT heroes of BRAINARTIST developed the applications for the iPad and modestly controlled the content of the displays directly from our secret control room in Eltville.

The video can be viewed on the german campaign site.

Video © NIKE 2019

As an ‘early bird’ at breakfast with BRAINARTIST you can now put this much-cited claim to the test.

When loyal customers woke up in the morning in our neighbouring hotel after a workshop in the nightlife of Rüdesheim, sometimes only a double espresso helped to finish the job decently the next day. But if you want to visit us for the first time, you should have had a good breakfast first, anyway. In the stylish and telephone system-free ambience, you can easily arrange a kick-off, a first briefing or just get to know each other.

Since we show up (slightly untypical for the usual creatives) rather early in our office, we are happy about every early self-invitation under

When the music industry honours stars, starlets and newcomers year after year, we are always filled with unenvious admiration.

Because we don’t want a Grammy at all – yet we unwaveringly strive for the recognition of our achievements. And we have just received it: The ‘Prestige Award 2020’ in the category ‘Marketing Specialist’ is ours. But one thing at a time.

The ‘Berlin Prestige Award Guide’ reaches more than 100,000 readers based in Berlin and the surrounding area; as (old school) print and (very hot) digital format. Every year, the Prestige Award’s team committee invites readers and contributors to a delightful corporate meeting where companies, products and services are presented – to honor very, very few of them.

We are all the more proud of the ‘Marketing Specialist’ award, which honours our activities in omni-channel marketing, POS design and strategic brand management. We bow down.

Since impatient BrainBox subscribers have been asking for news about the latest mailing since the beginning of the year, we can now only advise you to relax.

Relaxation is on the way! Regardless of whether you have already received numbers 1 till 6, we promise with the delivery of number 7 you will be more laid-back for your next POS design project and finally have ‘the plan’ for clever cross-selling on your sales floor.

Oh! You are not on the mailing list at all and would like to get excited to get to know our BrainBox – free of charge and without obligation? Here you will find enlightenment:

As soon as the thermometer rises above 10 degrees, the colleagues at BRAINARTIST start to leave their cars.

This may be because at such temperatures we ask ourselves, ‘How can we bring ourselves up to temperature for the working day?’ Right: with a muscle-driven warm-up in rush-hour traffic. With this we want to free up our place in the public transport system and be happy in the middle of the Rheingau already in the morning that we are allowed to work where others only take holidays.