Again no Grammy – but the ‘Prestige Award’! 1
Thumbnail des WuV-Artikels über unsere Kampagne für STEITZ SECURA
Again no Grammy – but the ‘Prestige Award’! 2
Again no Grammy – but the ‘Prestige Award’! 3
GUCCI-Installation in Linz

When the music industry honours stars, starlets and newcomers year after year, we are always filled with unenvious admiration.

Because we don’t want a Grammy at all – yet we unwaveringly strive for the recognition of our achievements. And we have just received it: The ‘Prestige Award 2020’ in the category ‘Marketing Specialist’ is ours. But one thing at a time:

The ‘Berlin Prestige Award Guide’ reaches more than 100,000 readers based in Berlin and the surrounding area; as (old school) print and (very hot) digital format. Every year, the Prestige Awards team committee invites readers and contributors to a delightful corporate meeting where companies, products and services are presented – to honor very, very few of them. We are all the more proud of the ‘Marketing Specialist’ award, which honours our activities in omni-channel marketing, POS design and strategic brand management. We bow down.

Since impatient BrainBox subscribers have been asking for news about the latest mailing since the beginning of the year, we can now only advise you to relax.

Relaxation is on the way! Regardless of whether you have already received numbers 1 till 6, we promise with the delivery of number 7 you will be more laid-back for your next POS design project and finally have ‘the plan’ for clever cross-selling on your sales floor. Oh! You are not on the mailing list at all and would like to get excited to get to know our BrainBox – free of charge and without obligation? Here you will find enlightenment:

As soon as the thermometer rises above 10 degrees, the colleagues at BRAINARTIST start to leave their cars.

This may be because at such temperatures we ask ourselves: ‘How can we bring ourselves up to temperature for the working day?’ Right: with a muscle-driven warm-up in rush-hour traffic. With this we want to free up our place in the public transport system and be happy in the middle of the Rheingau already in the morning that we are allowed to work where others only take holidays.

Since rockets and firecrackers have become a bit out of fashion because of climate, environment and the more and more difficult to understand thought of burning money, we’d like to arrange something much more reasonable here:

A ‘Fireworks of customers’, so when watching this fireworks sometimes even ourselves can only say ‘Ooohh!’ or ‘Aaahhh!’ That’s how BRAINARTIST says to the best, the most beautiful and the most exciting clients there are, very loud and cracking: ‘Thank you all – not only for 2019! And a “cheers” to 2020, the year in which we will again ignite concepts with you, let projects take off and last but not least simply celebrate!’

Even though most sausages at most Christmas markets have two ends – this year there is only one … and a good one at that. So, for once, we don’t want to make a lot of words, but rather just say to all those who made us look so successful and good in 2019: Happy celebrations, happy days and thank you, thank you, thank you! All BRAINARTISTs wish a very happy new year. See you in 2020.

When the starting shot for two NIKE running campaigns was fired twice, we had to break our own records. But thanks to our well-trained team in Switzerland and our hard to beat POS fitness, we made the race against the timing rather easy.

The end result: 3 spectacular ‘NIKE Zoom Pegasus Turbo Shield’ windows at OCHSNER – plus the fast-paced overall staging of the OCHSNER CUBE surface with the ‘NIKE Joyride Dual Run’ and a podium, which ensured a sovereign victory at the POS with an incredible 7800 specially produced damper balls in the original ‘Joyride’ design.

Several times a year, the big players in the sporting goods industry meet in Mainhausen. On more than 8,000 square metres of exhibition space, where the top brands of the shoe and sports industry present innovations and products, BRAINARTIST is busy making manufacturers from the ‘running gear’ sector look particularly good. And because we understand the retailers, the manufacturers and the customers particularly well, we are proud to have been supporting this trade fair for more than 10 years.

After the incredible success of ‘House of Cards’ on TV, we had the incomparably greater chance to play a leading role in the ‘House of Brands’ at Jelmoli in Zurich – to be more precise, to perform the installation for our new customer ESTÉE LAUDER on a premium space; in one of the most exclusive shopping malls in Europe. Almost superfluous to say that we felt like stars while participating in this production. Some of us even felt like true shopping queens!