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Wir richteten für Kering Eyewear ein Sonnenbrillen-Event für die Top-Marken Dunhill und Chloe im Grand Hotel Dolder in Zürich aus.
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Prestige Award – inszeniertPrestige Award – inszeniert

‘Homework: done!’

The first headline draft for this article was originally ‘Six sells’. However, our numerous gender, diversity and equality consultants strongly advised against such ambiguity and recommended that we should ‘do our homework first’. Because we didn’t want to offend any feelings with our 6th consecutive award, one of our master students – during detention – made an instructive animation about it, which finally communicates the topic in a non-x-rated and yet youthful way.

Because we were really happy again, just like children, about our (attention: pun) b r a n d new award, the ‘German Brand Award 2020’, which we had received for the brand relaunch for our customer HAILO – which does not mean that we are not just as happy about these 5 awards:

  • “Best International Full Service Retail Marketing Agency 2019” (EU Business News London)
  • “Marketing Specialists of the Year 2020” (AI-Media London)
  • “Best International Full Service Retail Marketing Agency 2020” (Corporate LiveWire Berlin)
  • “Best International Full Service Marketing Agency 2020” (KMH Media Group Berlin)
  • “Best International Full Service Marketing Agency 2020” (Lawyer International London)

So now we have to bow down – understandably – six times.

New look in new best time.

What do GUCCI and CARTIER have in common again? Oh yes: together with KERING EYEWEAR, we present both brands on the most beautiful sales areas in Germany and Austria. The current campaign surely could not wait long in this weather, which is why we were booked – as always – for a quick, perfect installation.

The German Brand Award 2020 is ours!

When in 2018 one of the most famous German brands placed a small, rather unlikely prize-winning job with us, we couldn’t stop thinking about it: we suddenly thought of interactive packaging design, new visual worlds, the redesign of all communication media, a completely redesigned (and patented) POS shelf system and finally (because we like to think ahead where others like to stop) a guide for CRM and a whole new corporate wording.

Phew … of course we had to share these thoughts with HAILO. The holistic approach was obviously so convincing that what began with a sales folder led directly to a kick-off meeting for one of our biggest and most beautiful projects: the strategic brand relaunch of HAILO (and the beginning of a wonderful friendship). In the category ‘Brand Strategy/Brand Identity’ we received the award from the German Design Council. We bow down.

(hey, hey, hey)

‘Lady Marmalade’ could not have put it better: which is how we celebrate our brand-new GUCCI campaign at STEFFL in Vienna. After the re-opening, of course, all ‘badass chicks’ (not only those from the ‘Moulin Rouge’) and all ‘independent women’ were pretty hot for the new sunglasses collection. So we simply had to help our ‘soul sistas’ in Austria!

But we didn’t want to let our offer go as far as the famous chorus described it so unmistakably at that time. We rather left – respectfully – the one really important question in the beautiful (sales) room, which was designed by BRAINARTIST in record time:
‘Voulez-vous des lunettes de soleil géniales de GUCCI?’ (Ooh …?)

P.S.: The earwig is for free …

Ditching food is so 90s. Recently we read an article in a printed newspaper that said, ‘Some social media articles are no smarter than yogurt!’ We thought so too …

But at least as far as yogurt is concerned, that’s now a thing of the past. Since one of our environmentally concerned customers developed a revolutionary label with a ‘food-saving display’ using a patented technology. So that still edible and chilled food does not pass away and be forgotten in the fridge – unnoticed.

BRAINARTIST has developed the lovely brand U4FOOD to remember for this purpose, so that a good idea becomes an enthusiastic movement. Just click here. The first partner who has already joined our food-saving initiative is the extremely sustainable in the beautiful Eifel region. Well, somebody has to start saving the world.

We love security. And perfect campaign motifs.

In these turbulent times, the issue of security is present. So present that one can hardly wait for something different to appear on television than appearances of masked heroes. Nothing against real heroes, actually we are working for them: and this recently in the field of professional safety equipment.

In order to make the whole thing as dramatic as it could be, we only went ‘safe’ in terms of hygiene and minimum distance – for the motifs we still went ‘extreme’. And above all, our danger-seeking clients are really a driving force behind this plan and that is something we surely appreciate – and … action!

Working where others go on holiday? We do.

Now that many people are noticing their own surroundings for the first time, we are also noticing something again about our agency: how gnarly it is here, and that completely unaccidentally. Because one thing was important to us when choosing our ‘workspace’, which has a rather magnetic effect on tourists (and customers). Work should not feel like work only.

That’s why we work digitally wherever we are needed; in the good old real life, however, in the Rheingau, where others go on holiday all year round – right next to one of the most beautiful hotels in the Rheingau ( That’s what we call a work-life balance!

Where the young and wild Rheingau creatives are parking.

A little showing-off is a must. Since the sun is laughing a bit louder over Eltville, our young, rebellious and, of course, long-haired agency biker is back comparing size with the rides of the other boys from the neighbourhood.

And even if he didn’t win this – childish – competition today, he will keep on fighting hard for a good layout, stand for usability values, look for design duels and will finally ride into the sunset at the end of a long day to tie his faithful Honda at a safe distance from all Wiesbaden Harleys.

So what they say about creative people isn’t exactly true …

Correct: The assumption is, of course, wrong that we drink hand disinfection gel at work. It’s true though that we still have – viewed plain soberly – projects that still make us intoxicated with pure design lust. Because thanks to our priceless, loyal and hard-working clients and our special mix of distance keeping, home office (and office home), we’re still at work.

After all, like we say here in Germany, ‘Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps’. Therefore: stay together, stay with us, stay healthy. See you!