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What sounds more complicated than it actually is, is the new NIKE React Infinity Run Flyknit.

This shoe was specially developed to – quite simply – prevent injuries. NIKE calls the specially developed combination of special cushioning and sole shape a ‘rocker geometry’ for a smoother rolling motion while running. For us this sounded like another starting signal for another campaign in the Berlin NIKE store.

Briefing: January 7th 2020. Installation was completed on 30th January – so we could look forward to the next projects with NIKE very, very quickly.

It is precisely this attitude that an agency should – always – go to work with.

So can it be a coincidence that BRAINARTIST implemented and staged the first campaign developed in Germany for the German market for NIKE in Berlin? All in all, NIKE included more than 15 real heroes in the campaign. Because they do what they want to do, against all odds and doubts. In this way they not only help themselves but also others.

Of course we wanted to help first – and were pleased to do so in all three NIKE stores in Berlin – In addition, the fearless IT heroes of BRAINARTIST developed the applications for the iPad and modestly controlled the content of the displays directly from our secret control room in Eltville.

The video can be viewed on the german campaign site.

Video © NIKE 2019

When the starting shot for two NIKE running campaigns was fired twice, we had to break our own records. But thanks to our well-trained team in Switzerland and our hard to beat POS fitness, we made the race against the timing rather easy.

The end result: three spectacular ‘NIKE Zoom Pegasus Turbo Shield’ windows at OCHSNER – plus the fast-paced overall staging of the OCHSNER CUBE surface with the ‘NIKE Joyride Dual Run’ and a podium, which ensured a sovereign victory at the POS with an incredible 7,800 specially produced damper balls in the original ‘Joyride’ design.

Several times a year, the big players in the sporting goods industry meet in Mainhausen. On more than 8,000 square metres of exhibition space, where the top brands of the shoe and sports industry present innovations and products, BRAINARTIST is busy making manufacturers from the ‘running gear’ sector look particularly good.

And because we understand the retailers, the manufacturers and the customers particularly well, we are proud to have been supporting this trade fair for more than 10 years.

After the incredible success of ‘House of Cards’ on TV, we had the incomparably greater chance to play a leading role in the ‘House of Brands’ at Jelmoli in Zurich – to be more precise, to perform the installation for our new customer ESTÉE LAUDER on a premium space; in one of the most exclusive shopping malls in Europe.

Almost superfluous to say that we felt like stars while participating in this production. Some of us even felt like true shopping queens!

For top brands like CARTIER and GUCCI you just have to stay tuned – that’s why the updates of the very successful POS campaigns are currently running on high-turnover areas in all German-speaking countries.

With the exciting continuation of our successful premiere for KERING EYEWEAR, BRAINARTIST continues a very nice cooperation: the new look of the current models, making the attractive surfaces even more attractive and – last but not least – strengthening the power of big brands. All this makes our customers look really good once again.

One of our biggest customers gave us a task for the POS that seemed impossible to solve: ‘Provide us with a sales area system that allows us to have merchandise on the area, that looks trendy, that can be remodeled at any time without fitters and that allows promotional areas and seating – and at a reasonable price’.

We thought about it. We thought ahead … BRAINARTIST proudly presents: the BRAINARTIST ‘ShoeBox’. Cross-selling power plus variable POS design to build yourself – modular, lightweight, sales-boosting, innovative.

For the production of our slim ShoeBox, we first had a 4-ton tool built, with which 15,000 copies per week can be produced using the most modern injection moulding process. That’s possible.