Category: Brand/Design

2017, the company wanted to develop a new design image with BRAINARTIST. With a partner for strategic brand development, the agency and AlphaCircle redefined the brand core and the USP – and at the same time took the opportunity to invite AlphaCircle and its top clients to a workshop in our Zurich office.

We recommended a relaunch, which should not only be a visual modernisation, but also give the company an unmistakable profile. AlphaCircle offers high-end products and
service from the medical sector. Since 2006, BRAINARTIST has been looking after its customers when it comes to marketing and corporate design.

The result was a very precise positioning with an orientation that makes AlphaCircle appear more selective in the market; with the plus of a design update.

CRMFIRST GmbH is a young company offering solutions in the field of customer relations and customer engagement in the areas of finance, tourism and member organisations.

CRMFIRST has been creatively supported by BRAINARTIST since 2013 as a fast-growing consulting and implementation company in the areas of marketing, design and trade fairs. Due to the newly gained size of the company, a relaunch of the corporate design was the next logical step.

BRAINARTIST, in intensive cooperation with the decision makers of CRMFIRST, completely revised the entire look, developed a new wording and – last but not least – fixed all design guidelines in a brand manual. The result: a new look with a highly professional appearance that is 100 % in line with CRMFIRST’s business level.

The redesign of the NIKE HQ in Switzerland was on the agenda. Our office in Zurich was delighted to take over the planning.

The redesign was intended to give the location a radically new look, true to the client's philosophy of always being in motion. Our aim was to close the ‘old’ office with the last employee on Friday evening and ‘install’ the new office over the weekend.

On Sunday evening we actually did the last brushstroke on site and on Monday morning NIKE opened its Swiss headquarters completely in a new look as a surprise for the team.