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When omission becomes sausage.

Anyone who tells people today, unsuspectingly and only in good faith, that they like meat often has to explain this for longer than a good steak on the grill takes. In times of climate change, easily celebrating the lifestyle of past decades can even lead to people avoiding you with your old-fashioned burger at barbecues, just like an Arsenal fan in Chelsea.

The sporting challenge of conjuring up a very, very tasty brand and hearty packaging for ‘meat-like food’ was gladly accepted by our customer VAN HEES and us – full of appetite for good design, well cooked concepts and a hot sales force package. The result of our next level meat strategy can be seen here: And as true animal lovers, we are very proud to have made meatless enjoyment a little more tasty.

We love security. And perfect campaign motifs.

In these turbulent times, the issue of security is present. So present that one can hardly wait for something different to appear on television than appearances of masked heroes. Nothing against real heroes, actually we are working for them: and this recently in the field of professional safety equipment.

In order to make the whole thing as dramatic as it could be, we only went ‘safe’ in terms of hygiene and minimum distance – for the motifs we still went ‘extreme’. And above all, our danger-seeking clients are really a driving force behind this plan and that is something we surely appreciate – and … action!

Shining hours the second. Our design of the Rheingau cultural festival ‘SCHÖN HIER’ has been mentioned and awarded in the current BLACK issue of the design magazine ‘CO&CO’:

Reason enough for us to celebrate a little long before the opening of this event. Even if the weather is not quite right for a garden party, here is everything you need to know about this award-winning outdoor event:

Whoever bought the new NIKE Air Max 90 ‘NEW SPECIES’ from BSTN in Munich from the raffle on the web could hope for a unique chance: Namely one of the 25 BSTN 12″ limited edition figures in the NEW SPECIES design plus an elaborately designed collector’s showcase in comic style. With over 20 years of experience for NIKE, BSTN trustfully commissioned BRAINARTIST with this job.

From the briefing to the delivery of the finished edition, it was only 4 weeks – despite the tight timing BRAINARTIST had gone through the voting with handmade scribbles of the figure and the packaging, sample models and various 3D designs at a sprint pace and presented a solution that inspired the customer without limit. The BRAINARTIST snake charmers also worked hard for the finish and production.

And because this pack with the new NIKE sneakers is only available 25 times worldwide, this limited BSTN special edition powered by BRAINARTIST has already become a super rare collector’s item in the scene.

NIKE needed for the model ‘Phantom Venom Elite FG’ a seeding box for the flagship store of 11teamsports in Berlin. The ‘Sneaker Freakers’ should be made hot.

With years of experience in designing NIKE seeding boxes, we had full confidence in this timing. The schedule: on Monday BRAINARTIST got the briefing for the job. The goal was the delivery of 25 exclusive, limited seeding boxes, which should be at the POS only 10 days later at the start of the campaign. 3 hours later the customer had the first drafts, in the afternoon the voting was finished.

The seeding box was in several special colours 2 days before the appointment with relief lacquer effects, an elaborate folding technique and an invisible magnetic closure in the store. Sneaker Freaker and NIKE should not be kept waiting either.

One of the best-known German brands, HAILO, wanted after some meetings of BRAINARTIST – completely without pitch – the redesign of the whole brand; from Instagram posts to POS design.

This resulted in a completely new, interactive packaging design, a new visual world and the redesign of all communication media. Because this was not enough for HAILO and us, HAILO also received a complete brand manual, a guideline for customer relationship management and – last but not least – a new, uniform wording.

The holistic approach is typical for our thinking: first think, then think ahead. And always for the customer. For HAILO this meant a courageous, big step into the future, which was rewarded with the ‘German Brand Award 2019’.

MUUME is one of the leading providers of digital payment and self-service: In order to offer business partners throughout Europe the same experience of simplicity, we were commissioned to create a uniform image.

Shop, inform yourself and pay – everything digitally via an app, whether at the POS, on the road or from home. MUUME offers maximum digital convenience and simplicity. The new BRAINARTIST design should be as simple as that.

Of course, we were happy to do that – but after ‘thinking ahead’, we also recommended a corporate design manual, which defines dos and don’ts, so that not only the partners know what is allowed but also MUUME itself. That’s what we mean by consulting: first think, then think ahead, then do.